3D VR 360: Watch as firefighters battle California wildfires from the ground and CalFire aircraft

This Is Climate Change: [Fire]

In just the last three decades, changes in climate have doubled the amount of land burned by wildfires in the western United States. Experience the scorching California fires of 2017, and follow the dedicated fighters - by air and on the ground - whose jobs have turned into year-round battles against these catastrophic blazes.

Participant Media presents "This Is Climate Change", directed by Danfung Dennis and Eric Strauss, in association with Condition One. GemVR contributed infrastructure and designed and ran the conversion pipline for this and the rest of the series.:[Feast], [Famine]. and [Melting Ice]

Stereo 3D: Production and Post-Production: Rage Against the Machine Live at Finsbury Park, London.

Rage Against The Machine Live

This was a 26 camera shoot, inclduing two helos, and two super technocranes on 110-foot dolly tracks -- mix of broadcast and RED cameras. Credits to Daniel Catullo for direction and Mike Romanyshin for fantastic and talented editing! We adviced DoP Jeff Cronenweth on camera settings and placement to ensure a solid 2D to 3D conversion of the concert.

GemVR provided production consulting, 3D conversion service, and supervised color correction and editing for both the 2D and 3D versions. Video footage courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment. Blu-ray of the entire concert is available here: Eagle Rock: Rage Against The Machine Live At Finsbury Park

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